Wigs and Head Covers was founded in order to provide help and assistance to women suffering from all types of permanent and temporary hair loss, including: various forms of alopecia, telogen effluvium (both short-term and chronic), medical-treatment related hair loss (e.g. from chemotherapy, certain drugs), TTM and seborrheic dermatitis.

The aim is two-fold:

1. To provide information, support and assistance to enable indviduals to find their ideal cosmetic solution/s. This may be in the form of replicating bio hair or via covering the head with a head cover.

2. To encourage debate over how best an individual can deal with hair loss from an emotional perspective with the intention of developing coping mechanisms and strategies that enable indviduals to live their best life despite hair loss.

A companion community: www.wigsandheadcovers.ning.com runs alongside the www.wigsandheadcovers.com main site. It is a private forum with a strict membership policy – only those with hair loss will be approved as members. N.B. We no longer accept applications for membership from vendors.

The Wigs and Head Covers Community also offers a program of social events throughout the year, which are members-only. These are aimed at enabling the exchange of mutually beneficial information regarding cosmetic options and suppliers, as well as enabling members to network and build new relationships with others who are going through similar experiences to themselves.


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